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WIDN: Honestly...petting my new yarn

Holy cow! What a weekend!! The Chicago Yarn Crawl began on Saturday and I made a very ambitious schedule for myself. There were several shops I walked into for the first time and a few favorites I gleefully visited. I'll get into more details later in the week but between visiting 13 shops over two days, wrangling little boys, and getting this week's ducks in a row, there wasn't much room for stitching. But I have several lovely new skeins that I'm petting and many others I'm dreaming about because the budget just wouldn't allow for such purchases.

This week is gearing up to be another crazy busy one. Lots of life going on with the family. Stitches Midwest begins on Thursday and I'm hoping to get to Franklin Habit's presentation. I have a family thing on Friday with two yarn shop stops on the way. And I know for sure that I'm going to Stitches at least one if not both weekend days. Exhausted just reading that? I am, too! I have been very drawn to bulky yarns lately so I'm going to dedicate August to playing with chunky, heavy yarns. They're quick to stitch and I have several stashes to use. I have about 13 possibilities and will do my best to make it through as many as possible.

I know...crazy, right?! But it's bulky and fluffy and soft and yummy and takes up a bunch of room that I need for my newest additions :)

If you want a peek at my weekend shenanigans, check out my updates on Instagram @yarngerie. There are a few quick videos and some lovely yarn pics, too!

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