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Temptation Tuesday: Bags, Buttons & Bling

I can't begin to tell you how much I adore going to Stitches events. There is so much love around yarn and patterns and designers and all the little accessories that enhance crocheting and knitting. While I walked away with many great yarn additions, I also acquired a few fabulous accessories as well as the hope of other items that I'd love to receive as gifts (hint..hint).

So let's talk about project bags.

I could easily spend a small fortune in the Erin.Lane booth. Project bags, totes, buckets, organizers and even stitch markers in such fun prints. For this special Midwest event, Lindsey from Erin.Lane didn't just bring her regular Sheeple print. She brought her Chicago Sheeple print bags!! Um...YES PLEASE!!! I love this town of ours and adore anything that has my worlds colliding. Deep dish pizza, the Bean (or Cloud Gate if you want to get technical), and more adorn this nifty project bag. She had several styles available but I was partial to the Large Project Bag.

Also available were her Crafty Sheeple on stitch markers. Large rings means these can fit on a larger variety of my needles. It's totally acceptable to talk to your Sheeple while you knit, right?


Just me?

Come on...I know you'd do it, too!

Another fabulous bag maker I stumbled upon was Diana Beard of Diana Couture. I'm a huge fan of a project bag that can double as a yarn holder to use either on the go or at home. Many of Diana's project bags do just that! My favorite is the Serena Project Bag that's shaped like a triangular lunch sack with snaps on the front and a little notch for you to pull your yarn through (pictured on the right from her Etsy shop). A bonus are the little pouches on the inside which are great for holding other items or even your phone or wallet if you take your Diana Couture out for a walk.

Diana has other bags as well, like her Oval Yarn Owl project bag that has a notch on each side. Great for color work or two at a time socks.

Sadly, I did not pick up one of these lovely bags because when I went back to her booth, she was almost sold out! My friend, Deb, was able to pick up one on our first time through and I have crazy bag envy (which is actually easy with Deb because she has several bags that I've told her are in danger of going missing). I did, however, pick up a Stitch Hoodie for my DPN's. Isn't it adorable?!

Buttons...buttons...who's got the button?

I stopped at the McDougall Studios booth where Jodie McDougall had on display her phenomenal glass buttons. While they look like little pieces of artwork, they are not painted! Jodie explained to me how she uses an ancient cane building technique to create each button, and the shanks are embedded during the process to ensure that they are permanent. It's the perfect finishing touch to your next crafted heirloom piece. My favorite was the Sisters of Creation pictured on the right from her Etsy shop. Isn't the detail amazing?

Now for a little bling!

Oh Michelle's Assortments...I can't begin to tell you how tempting each of Michelle Stead's pins were! I managed to walk out with two (this one and one I cannot show because it is a gift). Some had Czech glass beads like the one above. Others had beautiful charms. And some had superheroes. Yes...SUPERHEROES!!! But, alas, I chose this beauty because it will go with just about anything. Michelle also has several amazing crochet and knit designs that go very well with these exquisite pins.

All pretty tempting, right?! That's what Tuesdays are all about!

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