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Crochet & Knit  ~ Designs & Editing ~ by Aimée Hansen 

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Welcome to my adventures with yarn!

What began for me as a sudden need to play with yarn has turned into so much more as my passion for the fiber arts has grown. 

There is nothing like falling in love with a hand dyed yarn from a fellow indie artist, winding it with great care, and creating those first stitches that transports you into the peace that is the maker's journey.

Whether I'm working up a new design of my own or stitching through another designer's pattern, I am determined to crochet and knit my way through the miles of yarn in my stash creating handmade treasures for myself and others. 

Thank you for joining me along the way!

xoxo, Aimée


Find listings for all of my crochet and knit designs, both self-published and those published through collaborators.


Walk through my stash as I celebrate the skeins patiently waiting to be worked into handcrafted masterpieces. More coming soon!


Writings about my various adventures with yarn, crocheting, knitting, and sometimes life. There is the occasional free pattern, and I also talk in more detail about design collaborations.


If you are interested in collaborating, please contact me at or through the contact form found here.

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