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Pattern Ghost Writing

Current Status: Accepting New Crochet Clients


So you've sat down with your yarn and made a finished project that you love and think others will love as well, but all you have is the piece and some notes, and not a lot of time or drive to formally write it.


Instead of letting it sit there while it gives you a little side eye because you're not sharing it with the world, let me help you get it to a place where it's closer to published.


What I will need to ghost write your pattern:

  • Description of the pattern (i.e. how you would explain it to another maker; sort of like passing along a recipe).

  • Any notes you've made about the pattern.

  • Detailed pictures of the piece (depending on the piece or complexity, it may be helpful for me to have the piece in hand for writing).

  • Weight of the finished piece (preferably in grams).

  • Details of the yarn, tools, and notions used.

  • Any style or pattern formats you would like followed.

  • Any charts you may have (hand-written or computer-created).

What you will receive from me in return:

  • The pattern written in a Word or Google Doc.

  • A base tech edit will be included (you may wish to have it double checked by another editor or go through pattern testing before publishing). Read more about my tech editing experience here.

  • Size and yarn usage grading (if needed).

NOTE: Service does NOT include pattern layout or photography.

Rate Quotes

Contact me at or through my contact form for a project quote and to discuss payment. Rates quoted will be for tech edit plus the ghost writing fee.  

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