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Virtual Assistant Services

Often, a little help goes a long way!


Since 2015, I've done different types of work for businesses in the knit, crochet, and yarn industry. Some have been creative coordinating, others have been more organizational as well as some marketing, and even research. I've met several small business owners who are always hard at work managing and promoting their businesses while being a one-person show. 

It got me thinking: how can I take what I know and what I excel in and help indie dyers, designers, yarn shop owners, and others in this industry?

That's how my virtual assistant services came to be!

Whatever your need - big or small - a day's worth of work or just an hour or two - for just one project or ten projects - wherever you need a little support - I'd like to give you a hand. 

Along with my experience in this industry, I have over 15 years of experience working in online retail sales where I've worked as a customer service rep and manager, marketing manager, market researcher, social media manager, content manager, data analyst, administrative assistant and more. I have an eclectic set of skills that is the perfect fit to support small business owners, and my passion for all things yarn, knit, and crochet has me focused on helping yarn industry professionals like you.

Here is a list of some of the projects where I can help:


Is there a project you'd like to tackle but you're not finding the time to do the research you need to move it forward? I can help!

Planning & Organizing

If you're finding that you need a little help planning an event, collaboration, process, design collection, or you have a project that you're not finding time to get from idea or concept to executed or just not really sure where to start, I'm your person! 

Site Updates

Writing or updating content or product descriptions, changing photos, those little things that you've needed to do but just haven't gotten around to - count me in! I have worked with businesses using Shopify as well as other retail platforms. I have basic HTML knowledge as well that I've found helpful when working in the back end of a shop. ​And I'm also pretty good at updating Ravelry, too!

Editing & Proofreading

I do this already with my tech editing, but I can do this in other areas as well: site content, brochures, sale kits, booklets, whatever proofreading or editing you may need. It never hurts to have a second pair of eyes review your project to make sure it's perfect.

Social Media

Limited availability, but if the help you need matches up with the time I have available in this area, let's talk! Even if you're a pro at writing your posts but you need help with scheduling, researching hashtags, or other tools you could use, I can give you a hand. If nothing else, I can help you better organize your social media efforts.


If you find that you need help putting together a social media plan, need to figure out how to organize your customer service, or you're just looking for an objective point of view to help guide your business, I'd love to help. 

Sample Making / Swatching

Limited availability for samples (it depends on the size and complexity of the project), but I can always fit in a bit of swatching! If you have some bases or colorways that you need knit or crocheted into swatches before a show or for your yarn shop, I can help.

Need help in an area not listed here?

Contact me and I'll let you know if it's something I can help with. References are available upon request.


Since projects will vary, please contact me to discuss your project and I will supply you with a quote. Quotes will be for a minimum of 1 hour of work. I can also base the quote on an entire project for larger projects. I'm open to working within the budget you've set for a task or project. An invoice will be sent upon completion of the task/job/project and payment is due 1 week (7 days) from the date of the invoice. 



Let's Talk!

Contact me at or through my contact form and let's chat about your project and how I can help you check it off your to do list. Please include the following in your message:

  • Project or task you need completed.

  • Deadline you need it completed by.

  • Budget you have set for the project/task.

Knowing this upfront will help me put together your quote while reviewing my schedule to ensure that I can complete the task on time.

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