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Tech Editing

Current Status: Accepting New Clients.


If you're a crochet or knit designer who is ready to release a new pattern into the wild, I'd love to help you by tech editing it. 


I love offering my tech editing skills to designers looking to make sure that their pattern is easy to read and free from errors before publishing. Whether you're a beginning or experienced designer, I'm happy to help you put the finishing touches on your patterns.

My Experience

Since 2018, I have tech edited hundreds of crochet and knit patterns for independent designers and pattern publications. With a degree in broadcast communications, I'm proficient in editing text so it is both easy to read and properly communicates the directions written by the designer. I am also a HUGE math nerd who loves to wind down with difficult math puzzles ( relaxes me), so I'm more than comfortable double checking that your math is correct. Additionally, I've designed many patterns of my own and I try my best to be explicit in my writing to make the making experience for others as great as it can be.


While I'm most proficient in crochet, I am also experienced with knit tech editing. My specialty is wearable and home accessories (afghans, pillows, shawls, scarves, hats, etc.). Depending on the complexity of the sweater or top, I may be up for that as well. While I am able to read and work off of both US and UK terminology, I am only working with US terminology right now. I also prefer to work with PDF's, but may also work with Word documents if requested.


NEW! Pattern Ghost Writing services are now available (read more here).

What you can expect from me

By hiring me as your crochet pattern tech editor, you can expect the following:

  • Check that the math as written in the pattern is correct (I use an Excel spreadsheet to assist in checking the math.

  • Grading for increasing/decreasing size.

  • Check for pattern consistencies with abbreviations, and that all abbreviations are listed in the pattern key (if one is provided; if not, I can create a key for you upon request).

  • Proofread pattern for punctuation and grammar as well as make sure it is easy to understand and follow.

  • Review diagram and schematic to make sure they follow the written directions.

  • Check that formatting conforms to style guidelines (if provided).

  • If you write patterns only in chart form, I can write the written instructions for you.

  • Clearly list my suggestions and recommendations for correcting and/or clarifying the pattern. Choosing to take those suggestions and recommendations is up to the designer.

  • After corrections/adjustments are made by the designer, I am happy to proofread the pattern again to ensure no other corrections are needed. 

  • Turn around time will depend on the complexity of the pattern and my current workload. I may ask to preview the pattern before beginning the editing process in order to give you a proper estimate for my services. All time and payment estimates will be given upfront and agreed upon before work begins.


Quotes are available upon request. Contact me at or through my contact form.


Special Offer for Crochet Designers & Knit Designers

If we haven't worked together in the past, I have a special offer for you! 

50% Off First Edit Offer (1 design per designer)


This offer is subject to my schedule's availability. Open to both new and established crochet and knit designers. Once we work together and you see my level of commitment and work to make your patterns as polished and error-free as possible, I hope you consider becoming a regular client. Does not apply to sweater patterns (although I am willing to offer a less discounted rate if the first time we're working together is with a sweater pattern).


Contact me at or through my contact form if you'd like to take me up on my offer or if you would like an estimate on my tech editing services. References available upon request.

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