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How I fell in love with yarn...

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My love for yarn began in 1999 when I wanted to learn to crochet, something my grandmothers had been doing for over a century. After struggling to learn, I bought a knitting book and picked up the knit stitch pretty quickly.  But I couldn't grasp the hang of purling. A friend, having watched me slowly knit, suggested that I learn to crochet because it was much faster. She showed me how to do a single crochet and from that point on, everything else made sense! I've been hooking it up ever since :)


Around 2013 after having crocheted hundreds of items, I decided to pick up the needles again and give knitting another shot. I really wanted to knit socks. This time, with the help of several YouTube videos, I picked up purling. I know how to do all sorts knitting stitches and have completed many pairs of socks. So now I both crochet and knit, which is a good thing because I have miles and miles of yarn (no joke).  


When I'm not stitching the hours away, I'm living the dream with my loving husband, two amazing boys who continue to be the heroes of my life, and my sweet baby girl, I also love reading, writing, eating, jogging (sort of), yoga, watching several different TV shows, researching my family history, almost everything about Chicago including especially the Cubs (mad respect for the Sox but I do love my boys in blue) and The Art Institute of Chicago (my most favorite place in the city that I don't get to visit quite often enough). I also have quite an affinity for whiskey, and simply adore The Princess Bride.


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog :) I hope you enjoy geeking out with me about yarn, crocheting, knitting and life!





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