My AvailableServices

I'm knowledgeable in many areas that can help you with your business and I'd love to give you hand. 


Looking for a beautiful crochet or knit design to showcase your yarn or include in your next collection? Let’s chat!

Please contact me to check my availability. Visit my Ravelry page to view my entire design portfolio

Tech Editing

I love tech editing and proofreading patterns! Click here for more details. As of July 2021, I am taking a bit of a break from tech editing.

Website or Magazine Contributor

Blog posts and tutorials and articles…oh my! See my guest blog posts here and my career blog portfolio here.


Class or Workshop Teacher

I am available for teaching classes for groups, clubs, yarn shops, or one-on-one (either one of my patterns or any crochet technique). Please contact me to check my availability. I am local to the Chicagoland area and am available for traveling depending on my schedule.

Virtual Assistant

Projects big or small, I’d love to help! From research to planning to helping you update items on your website, I am happy to give you the support you need to help move your business forward. Click here to see a list of virtual assistant tasks (and if you don’t see something listed, just ask!). As of July 2021, I am taking a bit of a break from virtual assisting. 

Interested in any of my services?

Contact me at or fill out my handy dandy contact form.