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Books I Love

Oh how I love books! And books about crochet and knitting are where my worlds collide. Here are a few of my favorites including stitch dictionaries, patterns, fiction, non-fiction, and overall really great reading.

I listed the first Betty Hechtman crochet mystery above, but I love them all! Here is a list of all of them:

  1. Hooked on Murder

  2. Dead Men Don't Crochet

  3. By Hook or By Crook

  4. A Stitch in Crime

  5. You Better Knot Die

  6. If Hooks Could Kill

  7. Behind the Seams

  8. For Better or Worsted

  9. Knot Guilty

  10. Seams Like Murder

  11. Hooking for Trouble

  12. On the Hook (Coming Soon!)

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