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Um...what the heck is "yarngerie?"

Yarngerie is what I call yummy, often luxurious, simply divine, fancy-ass yarn.

It's wools (merino, Bluefaced Leicester, Wensleydale, and others), silks whether by itself or in blends, velvet soft cashmere, alpaca, and more.

It's rarely acrylics or, if it is an acrylic, it's a blend with only a teensy weensy bit of acrylic or happens to be an amazing color.

They are often hand dyed or hand painted, sometimes even one of a kind. The colors are so extraordinary that you don’t just want them but you feel that you need them in your life.

These fibers are the ones that you cuddle and fondle and can’t wait to sink your hooks and needles into. Your pattern hunts are very specific to find just the right one fitting of such beauty and gracefulness.

They are the skeins of yarn that you don’t just store in tubs. They're deserving of a special drawer in your dresser. A yarngerie drawer, if you please.

Okay…I may be going too far, but I think you get the picture. These are the yarns I most like to work with and will be chatting about with all of you!

My personal yarngerie stash is deep…probably deeper than I should admit…and I’m a sucker for new beauties. Sometimes I’ll feature yarns I already have my hands on while others are skeins I dream about squooshing.

I love all dyers, from the bigger, better known yarn dyers to small indie dyers. And I want to enable you - I mean - make it as easy as possible for you to fall in love with them as well. I've added a quick reference page to my site for yarns & dyers I discuss with links so you can shop their sites as well. It's ready and waiting for the posts I have planned for next week.

I hope your weekend is full of yarngerie goodness!

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