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Time for a Holiday MCAL!

I can't begin to tell you how THRILLED I am for the holidays to begin this year!! It's not been the easiest year for my family with my dad making his way through the stages of ALS, and I've been thankful to have my yarn close by to offer a respite from the chaos of the busy times. I've needed projects that are more soothing than challenging, which is what I think we all need during the holiday season. Our yarn, and a good meditative project, certainly do the trick.

And that is what I created for Melissa at Rising Tide Fiber Co. for her holiday Mystery Make-A-Long!

This DK weight project begins very slow and easy while we lay out the plans for our holidays. Some clues are perfect for making while watching our favorite holiday movies, which I always find to be good times for stitching.

For the knit part of Melissa's Mystery Make-A-Long is a design from the AMAZING Rebecca Mckenzie (aka @ragingpurlwind). I couldn't pass up an opportunity to snag another kit to work up Rebecca's pattern!!

Whether you're doing the crochet or knit pattern, make sure to share your progress with us by tagging us on Instagram!! I've also created a Ravelry page that can be found here so projects can be linked there as well.

Wishing you all the best for this holiday, and for a very happy New Year!


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