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Oh Darling!

What's squishy and sweet with hearts all over?!

These two cowls!!

Never have I ever designed both a crochet and knit version of the same pattern...until now!

Darling (knit) and Tesoro (crochet) are lusciously squishy cowls featuring columns of cascading puffy hearts.

Super sweet, right?!

I had sketched out Tesoro first and sort of became obsessed with needing to stitch it. It worked up very quickly for me and while I was making it, I kept wondering...can I do this as a knit pattern, too?!

After Tesoro was off my hook, I started swatching Darling.

And swatching.

And swatching.

And frogging.

And swatching.

Until, finally, it all came together!!

I am so very pleased with how both patterns have turned out, and that they are virtual the same except in the method of stitching. I hope you become as smitten with them as I am!!

Below you'll find my answers to some questions you and other makers may have about these heart-throbby patterns.

5 FAQ's about Darling & Tesoro

1 - What method of colorwork is used for these cowls?

Darling uses stranded colorwork while Tesoro is made sort of striped with one color at a time (carried up on the inside of the cowl).

2 - What skill level are these patterns? I would categorize each of these patterns as Intermediate level designs. For Darling, it's because of the stranded colorwork along with a cable stitch that's used. For Tesoro, some attention is needed with stitch placement that would bump this to the intermediate level.

3 - Are the sizes adjustable?

Yes, either can be made taller or shorter with more or less repeats. Please know that any adjustments will affect the amount of yarn needed for the project.

4 - Can other yarn weights be used?

My short answer: probably, but not without a considerable amount of swatching and math. If you'd like to make it as shown in the samples, I highly recommend that you stick with worsted weight yarn. I can't guarantee how well those puffy hearts will pop from the fabric with other yarn weights.

5 - Can these be made with a single color or just two colors instead of three?

Ohhhh...they sure can be!! And now I sort of want to give them both a go with just one or two colors!! I've got unlimited time to do that, right?! Okay...I'll just live vicariously through those who choose to make them in just one or two colors :)

Both Darling and Tesoro (which is a way to say darling in Italian) are available through my Ravelry and Etsy shops. And if you'd like to use the same yarn as I did, you can pick up skeins of URU.Yarn Glimmer from Jimmy Beans Wool! This is one of the last yarns the team I worked with at KnitCrate had designed, and I'm thrilled to use them as a part of these designs.


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