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New Year, New Pattern!

Who says scarves can't have holes?

I've had Eyelet Pop sitting here for a while patiently waiting its turn to be published, and now it's out in the world!

Eyelet Pop is written as both a scarf and wrap using worsted weight yarn. I used Malabrigo Rios, but you could use any worsted weight that you'd like. If it's a heavier or lighter worsted, your gauge may be a bit different but no worries - you can easily adjust it to your size preference. It's a beginner/easy-level pattern so beginning and experienced crocheters alike can jump in on the fun.

The heavier yarn is what makes the eyelets work in this scarf. It's not made to be your go-to scarf when the weather is below zero, but it's cozy for those days when you need a little something around your neck or, better yet, need a nice accent scarf in a fabulous colorway.

If you're not keen on using worsted weight, feel free to use a heavier or lighter yarn. Make sure to use a hook that works well with your chosen yarn and make a gauge swatch to make sure you like the fabric as well as to see how it compares to my gauge. I've included instructions on how to make the project longer/shorter as well as how to adjust the height so you can adjust as you please. Any adjustments you make will change the amount of yarn needed, but the main goal is that you create a project that makes you happy!!

OH - and FRINGE!

Because this pattern is made lengthwise, I felt it needed a little something more on each end. Hello Fringe!! If you're not a lover of those tickling little strands, you can leave them off and your project will still be fantastic (but I personally think it's better with the fringe).

Now...let's talk about this Malabrigo Rios in Ankara Green!

To be completely honest, I don't think that there is a shade of green that I dislike. With that said, Ankara Green has such a brightness to it that you can't help but fall head over heels for it. It definitely puts the POP in Eyelet Pop!! I think the design works best with a solid or semi-solid colorway, but I would most definitely choose a colorway that you're smitten with.

I've worked up the sample in the Scarf size, which is 6.25” wide x 61.5” long, but I'm searching for yarn to make the larger Wrap size (17.75” wide x 61.5” long). I've checked my stash and do you think that I have approximately 1,260 yards of worsted in the same colorway to make it? would think so.

And surprisingly, I don't.

Sort of.

I have some but it's all flagged for other projects.

I may frog a cardigan WIP that I have no intention of finishing and use that.


I could...maybe...order something new.


I could be good and find something else in my stash that would work.

Will I be good and work from stash? Or will I succumb to hand dyed yarn temptation?

Only time will tell!!

You can pick up your copy of Eyelet Pop on Ravelry, in my Etsy shop, and soon on Crochet Foundry and LoveCrafts.

Happy Crocheting!!!

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