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WIDN: Crochet Baby Afghan & Knit Scarf

Being the over inspired yarn lover that I am, I always have at least one crochet project and one knit project going at any given time. Right now, I have 3 knit projects and 2 crochet WIPS in view. Um...make that 3 crochet projects now that I look again. I haven't started that additional one yet but I have the yarn wound and it's taunting me. What can I say? I just have play with all these yarns!! To keep it simple and not allow myself to ramble on too much, I'll tell you about the two projects highest on my priority list. A certain special friend of mine is becoming a grandmother so baby blankets are on the top of my list. I've completed one already and am working on a second because I adore this particular friend and her daughter. I got a late start to the blankets so quick and easy it is! I'm using Berroco Comfort DK in Tea Party for what I'm calling a Janie Baby Afghan.

This is a blanket that I made my son when he was baby and it's one that I've made others as well when I want a nice yet quick and easy gift to stitch up. This is more of a "recipe" to follow than a traditional pattern, though. It's simply a continues granny motif in a variegated yarn with short color changes and a crab stitch border. I usually make it in a light worsted weight yarn so while using the DK weight makes it a lighter afghan, it's also taking me longer to finish. But I love the colors and think it will be perfect for this new sweet little one. My goal is to have it finished by the end of the week so I can gift it away this weekend. Check back in a week or two for the details on how you can make this itty bitty favorite as well!

For the past week, I've been playing with my Phydeaux Mystery Mini Skein set in color ways inspired by The Princess Bride. Personal message to dyers out there: if you name it after The Princess Bride, I will not be able to say no. It's been staring at me for a couple months saying, "Hello. I am an irresistible mini set. Get out your needles. Prepare to knit."

I finally gave in and chose the simple Mini Skein Sampler pattern by Crystal Bergstrom to showcase each mini in a lovely block of color. So far, I've dueled with The Dread Pirate Roberts and just yesterday, the farm boy met Buttercup. I'm a pretty pokey knitter so we'll see how long it takes me to finish. I'd like to say that I'll be finished by the weekend but I doubt that will happen.

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you have a marvelous week!

What are you making this Monday? Share them with me on Facebook and Instagram!!

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