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WIDN: Nursing a yarn hangover

Over the past nine days, I visited 15 local yarn shops, went to Stitches Midwest 3 times, saw a wonderful and educational presentation by Franklin Habit, took a class with the amazing Marly Bird, and shopped my little heart out. My stash is thousands of yards deeper, my queue is longer with yarns matched up to projects, and I have all these wonderful new skeins to adore and work up. The blissful euphoria of the weekend got me drunk on yards and yards of wools and cashmere and silk and quiviut...yes...I said quiviut. I'm gloriously hungover by it all!

I have so very much to tell you all and promise I will get to every bit of it this week. It's way too much to put into one post. I got to see some of my favorite dyers, met new ones, and found both knit and crochet patterns that push me to learn new things. And then there were the extra little bits I discovered that are making their way to my wish list. Oh - and did I mention that Franklin Habit also signed my copy of his I Dream of Yarn: A Knit and Crochet Coloring Book? EEEEE!!! He's so awesome! As far as what I managed to accomplish last week and what I hope to accomplish this week... I declared August my month for bulky yarns so I began with what I thought would be a quick project for me. I picked up skeins of Linea Pura Cashsilk from Lana Grossa at The Idea Studio in La Grange to make their free Linea Pura Cowl pattern. It really was a fun an simple pattern but there was a ton of universal karmic laughter at my plan so it took me much longer to finish than anticipated. I'm down to blocking it which I hope to do this week. More on that project later this week or next week. All this yarnie love has had me inspired!! I had a design idea pop into my head that I'm going to try this week. I did a test swatch of it and think it will look great with the yarn I've chosen. So this is a high priority project for me this week. On top of that, I picked up skeins of the ever-so-cuddly Zen Garden Chunky from Elgin Knit Works. My plan is to make at least one of their Zen Flip cowls, a free pattern from the crawl. I'm hoping this goes much faster for me than last week's project. I need some instant gratification! Tonight's yarn endeavors include a workshop with my CGOA chapter, Crocheters of the Lakes. We're making Thrummed Mittens with Liz Sutter from Sutter's Golden Fleece in St. Germain, Wisconsin. Liz has come to teach at our chapter meetings in the past and always has such fun projects for us. I've never made thrummed mittens so I'm excited to learn! My goals for this week are ambitious, I know, but I'm hopeful that I will get most of them completed! What are your goals for this week? Share them with me on Facebook and Instagram!

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