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WIDN: Stitching up a storm

I've extended this week's Monday into Tuesday because Monday didn't allow me nearly enough time to check everything off my to do list. It makes me wish I had Evie's powers from Out of this World where I could just stop time for a bit and then start it up again.

Yes...out of all the super powers I could ask for, this would be it.

Although...I'd totally be down for Samantha Stevens' nose wiggle powers and would dig having Doc Brown's DeLorean. But having a little extra time may help me bust through my stash!

I have been all sorts of productive this week. Cowls have been my BFF. So very instantly gratifying! I finished two cowls using Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Chunky (one knit, one crochet), I began designing a cowl with my Mia Bella Snug, and I'm about halfway through a test crochet that I hope to tell you about once the designer publishes the pattern. Whew! I'll catch you all up on the specifics of all the finished projects later this week.

Also, I now know how to make thrummed mittens! I have my first one started and need to try and incorporate that into my week as well. I may save them for retreat, though. We'll see.

It would be super if I could be as productive this week but, alas, it's back to school week and I already know that I will have very little control over this freight train. I will need my yarn and stitching to decompress. I'm glad that I decided to go the bulky yarn route this month as it's helping me feel like I'm accomplishing quite a bit.

Even with all this fun, new yarn I've acquired, I have not forgotten the golden oldies in my stash. Today, I pulled out my five skeins of Classic Elite Yarns Duchess to make the shawl collar with a basket pattern by Sara Karls. So far, it's going well but I foresee this yarn needing a good soak to soften some. Duchess, a discontinued yarn, is 40% Merino, 28% Rayon, 15% Nylon, 10% Cashmere goat, and 7% Angora. It's super warm and I think perfect for this pattern.

Oh holy's already the evening! Where's my hook?

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