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4 crochet & knit books on my wish list

In this wonderful age of electronics and Ravelry, there are loads of ways to purchase crochet and knit patterns. Heck, I have my own here on this site! And yet, I love cracking open a pattern book. There's nothing like it. The pages and that new book's all intoxicating and has me motivated to try new patterns. There are a handful of books coming out soon that I'm insanely excited about and just had to spread the word to all of you. These 4 books are definitely on my wish list.

I love a top down sweater! Dora Ohrenstein's patterns are very lovely to follow and the end result is a piece that you will always treasure. Creating your sweaters from the top down allows you to adjust the fit as you work making each pattern ideal for just about any body type. This is available for pre-order right now with a release date of September 20, 2016.

The poncho on the front cover had my immediate attention. And that's just the beginning. Cardigans and cowls and boot cuffs...oh my! I've already picked out at least 11 patterns for my queue. Well done, Bonnie Barker! Her book will be available beginning October 24, 2016, just in time for you to whip up a project for those late fall days.

by Florence Hartley

Reading through patterns like these in Florence Hartley's book remind me of what my Great-Great-Grandma Gannon may have used when she was crocheting years ago. While I'm waiting for this one to be released on October 19, 2016, I may have to pick up Ms. Hartley's The Ladies' Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness just because I think it sounds equally fantastic.

from the Interweave Editors

The Outlander Series is one that I have not yet watched but many of the patterns in this book are begging to be on my needles. I met designer Tina Baker who created the Boar Hunt Capelet at The Nook in Lisle while on last month's Chicago Yarn Crawl. That pattern is first on my list from this book. Next would be the Time Traveler Reversible Vest that I can simply not live without. More fuel for the queue :) This book is available now!

A little side note about creating your own wish lists...

My favorite wish list site is Giftster. It combines the flexibility and ease of creating gift lists with the ability to easily share them with your family and friends. Absolutely anything can be added to a list whether it's online or offline, making it perfect to create a wish list for your favorite indie dyers so your family can fill your gifts with yarn ever year :) Here's where you can find my Crochet & Knit Books Wish List and you'll see that I have others created for more yarngerie and some tools as well.

There's still more than 100 days till the holidays but it's always a good day to update your wish list! I always have to update mine when I see something or else I will forget. Life is too distracting sometimes. And when it is, there is usually yarn involved.

...ah...pretty pretty yarn... fluffy and soft and colorful....

...what was I talking about? I don't remember. Time to knit!

PS: My Giftster list is set to public so you can all see it but you can just as easily set yours to private or shared with your own group.

PPS: A little disclosure: I do some work for Giftster but even if I didn't, I'd still tell you all about it! It really does make creating your wish list fun and easy.

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