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You fall off one ladder and it throws off your whole year

I was recently thinking about my New Year goals and started to laugh and laugh and laugh at all that ambition I had at the beginning of the year. I stuck with my original goals for a couple months, but then I took a tumble off the bottom rung of a ladder* and it changed the trajectory of my year.

But not all is lost!

I've also been crazy productive in some areas and not so much in others, but I'm focusing on all the good things that I've accomplished and not the things that I haven't.

And, I have a few exciting things coming up!

Keep checking back here for details, but for fastest updates on my latest shenanigans, follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

In the meantime, let's all reflect on the wisdom of Miss Jessica Day:

*I'm okay. Thankfully, all I did was tear my ACL and meniscus. I had surgery to reconstruct my ACL and repair my meniscus, and am almost finished with physical therapy. My recovery has included binge watching Game of Thrones and New Girl (quite the combo, I know). I'm hoping to get back to interval training next summer.

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