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Another year down...another year began!

The New Year is here and while I didn't accomplish most of my goals in 2019, I did manage to do several fabulous things, some of which I never expected to do (more on that coming VERY soon!!). As far as 2020 goals, I'm keeping them light. Actually...I'm keeping them flexible. They're so flexible that they're virtually non-existent.

They are simply this:

Roll with what life throws at me and go with the flow.


Be happy.

That's it for me. Nothing more. We have loads going on in 2020 for our family. I have a few absolutely marvelous things that I'm involved with early in the year. And there is much that I want to do both with my design work, my tech editing, and helping dyers and others in the knit and crochet industry move their businesses along. So that is my focus for the year, with the only goal being to keep up and be happy while I'm doing it.

Looking Back on 2019...


In 2019, I published 4 new crochet designs: Wooded Paths (cowl), Excitations (scarf/wrap), and the Bundling Blanket and Bonnet. It doesn't seem like much BUT I can give you a little peek into 2020...I actually designed more than twice this number of designs and they'll all be coming out this year! And that's all I have (and can) say about that right now :)

Tech Editing

I had the extreme pleasure of working with a number of incredibly talented crochet and knit designers while tech editing. I had to go back and count, and in 2020, I tech edited 45 patterns!! And I can honestly say that I wanted to make each one after finishing the edits. Besides playing with yarn, tech editing is one of my favorite things to do, and I can't wait to see all the designs I'm tasked with editing this year.

Projects & Yarn Usage

So I don't have all my projects posted on Ravelry, but from what I do have listed and what I'm recalling that I finished, I think that I can safely say that I finished at least 50 projects this year. I have been good at keeping an accounting of my yarn usage, though, and I used 90.25 skeins of yarn, which is CRAZY!!!

Yarn Acquisitions

I plead the fifth. It was more than I would have liked and yet, I regret nothing. If my usage rate is 90 skeins per year, I think I'm okay.

And to kick off a 2020...

I have a new pattern for you!

On dyer that I find VERY difficult to resist is Heather from The Lemonade Shop. Her colorways are fun. Her yarn is scrumptious. She gets me in the pocket book all. the. time. And this time, after making a hat with her Oh, gay raccoons can't have babies?! colorway, I needed a cowl to match. And with that, I created the New Year cowl.

This is a quick-to-knit cowl that takes just one skein of super bulky yarn. I loved using The Lemonade Shop's Super Bulky because of how it striped. It's not straight stripes, but sporadic thick and thin strips of rainbow happiness.

My favorite aspect of this design, you can knock it out in about 1-2 hours. SUPER quick to knit. You can begin your year with one project finished before the sun sets.

Through January 2, 2020, pick up this pattern for 50% off through Ravelry or Etsy. Use the coupon code NY2020 to receive the discount.

OH! How can I forget?!

I have a brand spanking new layout design for my patterns!! Over the course of the year, I'll be updating the designs in my current portfolio so if you've purchased one of my older patterns through Ravelry, you'll receive an update when the new layout is uploaded.

Cheers to all of you! Thank you for following me along in my yarn journey. I hope 2020 has nothing but the most wonderful things in store for us all!!

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