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Spring has sprung!

As life usually goes for me, I blinked and here we are at the end of March. How it happens, I never know. It seems like it was just yesterday that it was January, and now we're already on spring break. YarnCon and Stitch Up Chicago are two weeks away. My WIP's are piling up as are my design ideas. And in the back of my mind, I whisper, "pace yourself...pace yourself." Through the busyness of life, I've had my yarn, hooks, and needles by my side keeping me centered.

January came to a close with a new design perfect for a beginning crocheter who knows how to chain, slip stitch, single crochet and double crochet.

I designed Wooded Paths specifically with my husband's Aunt Jane in mind. She just began crocheting and fell in love with the craft. We've been talking about our projects, and she was asking what other things she could make. I took the stitches she's learned so far and created both a cowl and scarf pattern.

The pattern includes instructions for making it into a cowl or a scarf. I took a stroll through my stash and found this lovely skein of Backyard Fiberworks Meadow DK in Blackberry, which was a total dream to work with. I couldn't be happier with the finished result!

Pick up this pattern on Ravelry, Knitcrate or Etsy.

In February, I was the crochet designer for the Knitcrate Malabrigo Partner Crate! I love working with the amazing team over at Knitcrate, and loved the theme for this crate: Good Vibes Only. And the vibes I felt through the entire design process were just that! The crates included two skeins of Malabrigo Mechita in one of my favorite colorways, Anniversario.

Purples and greens and blues and shocks of yellowy greans and a bit of orange and red... array of jewel toned rainbow happiness in single ply fingering weight yarn. With it, I created the Excitations scarf/wrap, which is creeping up on my to make again list.

Photo credit Knitcrate.

The pattern is worked on the bias with a combination of double crochet and X stitch panels. Included are adjustments for a thinner scarf, a wide scarf/narrow wrap (as shown), and a wider wrap.

I have been totally humbled by the amazing response to this pattern! I've had many knitters tell me that it makes them want to learn to crochet!! And I've heard from those who haven't picked up a hook in some time saying that they are brushing up on their skills to make this. The good vibes rolled right along with this pattern and I am so happy that it's lit a fire of excitement in many.

Photo credit Knitcrate.

Because of the variations in saturation from skein to skein, I alternated the two skeins every two rows in a unique way and did not cut the yarn. There are detailed instructions in the pattern, but I'm hoping that the stars align and I'm able to get a video up about how to do it soon. Alternating the skeins helps to evenly distribute colors when there is a variation between two skeins. It's not the easiest to do and hide in crochet, so I completely geeked out when I found a way to do it! I've not done a video tutorial before, so I'm going to give it a try (my boys have promised to help).

Pick up your copy of Excitations from Ravelry or Knitcrate.

And speaking of Knitcrate...

If you've thought about subscribing but haven't been sure, check them out! Their Knitcrate Membership Crates include both knit and crochet patterns with amazing yarn and the occasional extra. I couldn't pass up this past month's crate that included a skein of their in-house brand Knitologie Sheen (75/15/10 merino wool, silk, and cashmere) in the colorway TItmouse. It also came with 2 (!!) knit and crochet patterns as well as this adorable zippered pouch.

Want to give Knitcrate a try? Click here to look at their various crate options and use the code YARNGERIE20 for 20% off your crate. I can't wait to see what they have in store for April!!

On top of designing, working, momming, making sure that I shower daily as well as preparing dinner and shuffling kids from point A to point B, I've been doing a bit of tech editing.

Photo credit Jen Dwyer.

This adorable Rylan Baby Sweater is the work of Jen Dwyer, and I was thrilled to help her with tech editing. This pattern is ideal for the advanced/early intermediate crocheter and is a quick project for your wee one. Jen is also offering it free on her blog which is such an amazing gift!! You can also purchase a download from her Ravelry shop so you can keep a copy in your library. Whichever you choose, it's a must-make pattern and I'm already shopping for the yarn to make one for Little Miss.

If you're a crochet designer and are looking for a tech editor, hit me up! Find all the details on my Tech Editor page.

So let's see...I've talked about my new designs, I've talked about tech editing...what am I missing?


Since this post is already crazy long, I'll leave you with a peek at my Rising Tide Fiber Co. Cabana Club acquisitions.

January - February - March

Vanity - Escape - Sailor Stories

I am holding on to them for a bit because I want to design a huge wrap of some sort.

I love Melissa's Cabana Club and can't wait for the next installment!!

Also, I haven't photographed it yet (because it is all sorts of gloomy here) but I got the latest Harry Potter Inspired skein from Lolabean Yarn Co. and I am in LOVE!! Keep an eye on my Instagram for that one.

Happy Stitching!!

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