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To the finish line...HUZZAH!

I just came back from both YarnCon and Stitch Up Chicago Taco & Kits Night (hosted by Michele Costa of Stitch & Hustle) and boy, are my feet tired!! I've got most of my weekend documented on my Instagram stories so check it out and visit the various vendors and sponsors mentioned there and on both the YarnCon and Stitch Up Chicago sites.

So now what?!

Now, I want to play with all my newly acquired yarn.

But I have so many things in progress and so close to being finished.

And I have work projects to do, too.

And work-work to do.

And a house to clean.

And kids and their kid-stuff.

And play projects to finish before the play.





Since I can't manage to work another 48 hours into my day, I need to come up with a better plan to be productive.

Yesterday, I tried to pause and collect myself from the weekend. I'm back to using my gigantic to do lists to help me stay organized and use my time as productively as possible. And it's the best way for me not to forget things, because I forget things all. the. time. My to do lists often have anywhere from 50-100 things on them (not counting work tasks) so it's easy for one or more things to slip through the cracks. With this, I'm trying to figure out how I can continue to get things off my to-make-to-do list. I've decided that this week needs to be dedicated to finishing projects.

I am notorious for getting a project so close to finished but just not finishing it. I'm not necessarily talking about the stitching, but the finishing of the project: weaving in ends, blocking, sewing on buttons, edging, etc. Off the top of my head, I have 5 projects almost finished, and one that is a WIP half-done (it's another of my Favorite Things shawls made with KnitCircus Parasol in the Hey Jude colorway, which I believe has been discontinued; I started it to take with me to Stitch Up Chicago). Even if I get just a couple things finished this week, I'll have at least a little sense of accomplishment.

On top of these projects, I also have a little costume work to do for my son's play. He's going to be Lord Farqaad in Shrek The Musical Jr. at his school. I was asked to make the chainmail hoods for the knights and also a little something for Shrek. The play is in less than a month, so I have to get cracking! I wasn't able to find a hood pattern that I liked and that was close to what they were looking for, so I'm improvising. Since I am making 5 of them, I may write it up as a free pattern. Check back within the next month to see if I actually get it done :)

What are your goals for the week? Share them with me on Instagram. Here's hoping we all have a productive week!!

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