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I am in love with my craft

I wake this morning to find myself sleep deprived and thoroughly exhausted. It has nothing to do with my 11 month old daughter (she actually slept 8+ hours last night). It has nothing to do with running around with my kids yesterday and working and cleaning the house. It has all to do with the love affair I have with crocheting and knitting. It burns so deep that it's kept me up late at night stitching away on my projects: one just something for me and another, a true labor of love, that I hope to share with you all soon. I am drained but I have no regret.

The morning sun is dancing around the two projects I have in process distracting me from starting my day. The first is a sweater that I'm making for myself. I've recently become obsessed with the idea of having drawers full of handmade sweaters. Last week, I finished my Pintado by Rita Taylor from the Malabrigo Heritage Collection arranged by Hannah Thiessen. As soon as it was off the needles, I wound my yarn and began my Flax sweater. This pattern by Tin Can Knits is made in the round with loads of stockinette and a bit of garter on the sleeves. My sweet knitting friend, Amy, made one for my daughter last year and soon I will have one just like it.

I'm creating my Flax with Dream in Color Classy in the Secret Garden colorway. The skeins I received are much darker than I was expecting, but I know the color will run off some when I give it a soak or two. My hands are tinged with a bit of blue as I knit, and my swatch lightened some when I soaked it. But in this morning's light. I'm getting a little preview of what I think the sweater will be in the end, and I fall deeper in love with what I'm making.

My next project is a bit of a secret at the moment, but as I mentioned, it's a labor of love. Crochet still has my heart and I'm enjoying playing with color in the designs I have swimming around me. Here is a quick glimpse at this five-part project that I hope to roll out to all of you in September.

While I'm always infatuated with all things yarn and crochet and knit, it is particularly true this week. I am head over heels in love with my art. I have it sitting close by at all times ready to pick up at any second and stitch a few rows. It motivates me to get through the other tasks in my day so I can sit down and enjoy its loving embrace. I can't wait until we have a moment to spend time together today.

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